Dr. George Anderson, who for the past twenty-five years has been engaged in the practice of his profession at Alpha, and who also is the owner of a farm in the neighborhood of his home village, on which he gives considerable attention to the raising of swine for breeding purposes, is a native son of Ohio and has lived in this state all his life. He was born near the banks of the Muskingum river in Morgan county, a son of Curtis and Mary Ann (Singer) Anderson, both of whom also were born in this state, natives of Harrison county, and the latter of whom is still living in the last-named county.

Curtis Anderson was born in 1832, his parents having been among the early settlers of Harrison county, this state, having come over into Ohio from Pennsylvania. He early learned the trade of sawyer and after his marriage moved down into Morgan county, where he set up a steam saw-mill and began to cut out the virgin forest along the banks of the Muskingum in the neighborhood of the point at which he had settled, finding a ready market for his lumber at Zanesville. He presently went back to Harrison county, where he bought a farm of two hundred and twenty-five acres and spent the rest of his life there, his death occurring in 1908. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, as is his widow, and was a Republican. His widow, who is still living on the home farm in Harrison county, was born in 1836. To Curtis and Mary A. (Singer) Anderson were born four sons, of whom Doctor Anderson is the youngest, the others being John S. and H. C, who are continuing to operate the home farm in Harrison county, and Lincoln, who is the owner of a farm in that same neighborhood.

George Anderson was two years of age when his parents moved from Morgan county to Harrison county and he was reared on the home farm in the latter county, receiving his elementary schooling in the schools of that neighborhood and supplementing the same by a course in Franklin College, from which institution he was graduated in 1888. In the meantime he had been reading medicine and upon leaving college took a formal course of reading along that line under the preceptorship of Dr. J. A. Magrew at New Athens. Thus equipped by preparatory study he entered the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore and was graduated from that institution in 1891 with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. In 1893 Doctor Anderson came to Greene county and bought out the old established practice of Dr. J. A. McClure at Alpha, as well as Doctor McClure's home on the corner where the Dayton-Xenia pike passes the village, and has ever since made his home there. In 1899 Doctor Anderson took a course in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School. He is a member of the Greene County Medical Society and of the Ohio State Medical Society. The Doctor owns a farm in Sugarcreek township and has for some time been engaged there in raising pure-bred registered O. I. C. hogs for stock purposes, though not permitting this diversion to interfere with his practice. The Doctor is a Republican and for four years was a member of the township board of education.

On December 25, 1891, at Columbus, this state. Dr. George Anderson was united in marriage to Winifred J. Barrett, who was born in Harrison county, this state, but who was living at Columbus at the time of her marriage, and to this union two children have been born, a son and a daughter, Horace Wilson and Winifred Annette, the latter of whom was graduated from the Beavercreek township high school and is at home. Prof. Horace Wilson Anderson, M. A., now teaching at Zimmemian, this county, was born in March, 1894, and upon completing the course in the Beavercreek township high school entered Antioch College, from which he was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts and from which he later received his Master degree.



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