HENRY MISAMORE is a retired resident of Findlay at the age of eighty years.  He comes of stock that is remarkable for vitality and longevity, and the family has long been identified with this section of Northwest Ohio.  HENRY MISAMORE's sons are the firm of Misamore Brothers, leading merchants of Findlay.

HENRY MISAMORE was one of a large family of seventeen children, nine daughters and eight sons.  These were the children of his father, JOHN MISAMORE, who was twice married.  HENRY MISAMORE's mother was RACHEL HAMMOND.  HENRY MISAMORE was born in a log house on Blanchard River in Amanda Township of Hancock County.

His ancestry in America goes back to his great-grandfather, GEORGE MISAMORE, an early settler in Pennsylvania.  A descendant of this American pioneer was MICHAEL MISAMORE, who in 1825 migrated to Hancock County, Ohio, driving an ox team.  He settled on Blanchard River, on a farm now owned by ELISHA GORSUCH.   The family during its early residence in Ohio had many Indian experiences and encountered innumberable hardships.  MICHAEL MISAMORE built a log house, and in that home most of his fifteen children spent portions of their lives.  Two of MICHAEL's children are still living: Mrs. ELIZABETH AURAND, of Findlay, aged eighty-two; and TILLIE GORSUCH, of Mount Blanchard.  MICHAEL MISAMORE had the distinction of erecting the first flour mill in Hancock County.  This old mill stood on the banks of Blanchard River nine miles south of Findlay.

JOHN MISAMORE, son of MICHAEL and father of HENRY, married RACHEL HAMMOND, of an old pioneer family, and she died at the age of twenty-eight.  For his second wife JOHN married MARY ANN SHELDON.  By the first marriage there were six children and eleven by the second.  PETER MISAMORE, a brother of JOHN, went out to Colorado and reared another large family, consisting of fourteen children.

The MISAMOREs furnished soldiers and patriots to the three great wars of the nation, the Revolutionary war, the War of 1812 and the Civil war.  HENRY MISAMORE himself had a creditable record as a soldier in the Civil war.  He became a private in the Sixty-seventy Ohio Infantry in 1861, and was in service until during the siege of Vicksburg he was struck by a minie ball in the left knee.  That wound disabled him for further effective service.  He still has the minie ball as an interesting memento of his personal experience in the war.

HENRY MISAMORE grew up in the country, had a country school education and was a farm worker until the outbreak of the war in 1861.  On returning home from the army he resumed farming and having made a creditable record and secured financial independence from that occupation he finally retired and in 1901 removed to Findlay.  Though the necessity of hard work is no longer present, he takes great pleasure in working his vegetable garden.  His good wife is still living, and they reared a family of seven sons.  The family circle has not yet been broken by a single death.  In 1915 Mr. and Mrs. HENRY MISAMORE celebrated the fiftieth or golden wedding anniversary.  At that time of the family group of seven sons and twenty-six grandchildren every one was present to participate in the happy ceremonies with the exception of one.  The names of the seven sons are: OAKLAND SHERIDAN, THORNTON WINDERS, HARRY LEON, JOHN NELSON, LEWIS GALBY, FREDERICK HARLOW and TROY ELBY.

OAKLAND SHERIDAN MISAMORE is the senior member of the well known mercantile firm of MISAMORE Brothers of Findlay.  He has spent all of his active life in Northwest Ohio.  When he was seven years old his father bought a 100-acre tract of wild land in Henry County and undertook to clear and make a farm of it.  Mr. MISAMORE's memory of that experience is not a pleasant one, since the work was extremely hard and the family endured many privations while struggling to develop the land.  The family remained there seven years and then returned to Jackson Township to their fine farm of 120 acres.  On these two places OAKLAND S. MISAMORE grew to manhood, and had the advantages of the country schools and also the Mount Blanchard grade schools.  For seven terms he was a teacher in a country school, and afterward took two terms of instruction during 1882-3 in the Ohio Northern University at Ada.  He taught at intervals and put in altogether about seven years as a teacher.

ON March 8, 1888, Mr. MISAMORE arrived in Findlay, having walked through the snow for a number of miles.  Here he secured a place in the general store of DILLINGER, EWING and Company.  After that firm dissolved he went with the GEORGE F. TANNER shoe store, then managed by JOHN HIRSCHBERGER.  Subsequently DILLINGER and EWING resumed business as dry goods merchants, and OAKLAND S. MISAMORE became a salesman for them, remaining four or five years.  About that time he was nominated and elected constable, and filled the office three terms.  He has always been an active republican, and on that ticket was nominated for sheriff, being defeated by only thirty-seven votes. Mr. MISAMORE finally removed to McComb, Ohio, opened the grocery store of MISAMORE & KEMP, but after six months there removed their stock back to Findlay and continued in business in that city under the firm name for two years.  That was the successful beginning of Mr. MISAMORE's commercial enterprise.  However, on retiring from the grocery trade he went into the oil business as a producer, but did not meet with success in that venture.  After that he put in a year as a salesman in FRANK M. TROUT's furniture store, and then for a time was in JOHN HIRSCHBERGER's shoe store.  He also helped promote some oil prospects in this county with ADAMS & SARBER Company, of Cleveland.  He was associated with that firm for a year and a half.

Mr. MISAMORE and his brother TROY then started a grocery store on North Main Street, at the present location of MISAMORE Brothers.  After two years Mr. MISAMORE lost his health, was out of business a year, and in 1906 established a shoe store.  His brother JOHN subsequently became associated with him, and in 1908 they added clothing and furniture departments.  In 1909 the brother TROY entered the partnership, and with his coming the business was expanded to include dry goods and notions.  Thus MISAMORE Brothers have by different additions and improvements built up a large department store.  In 1914 they bought the block at 310-312-314 North Main Street, and here they have one of the finest equipped and best stocked stores in Hancock County.

Mr. O.S. MISAMORE is a republican in politics, and most of his brothers are of the same political faith.

He was married in 1886 to Miss JESSIE FOREMAN.  Her father was Rev. DANIEL FOREMAN, a minister of the United Brethren Church.  Mr. and Mrs. MISAMORE have one child, MYRTLE OLGA, now wife of C.H. SMITH.

JOHN MISAMORE, the second partner in the firm of MISAMORE Brothers, married ELLA WISE in 1895.  She is a daughter of FRANKLIN nad HARRIET (VAN HORN) WISE.  Their children are named GARNET, PAUL, EARL and ELLEN.  Mr. and Mrs. JOHN MISAMORE are members of the First Church of Christ.

TROY MISAMORE, youngest of MISAMORE Brothers, married PEARL EDWARDS, daughter of BEECHER and ELIZABETH (BEESON) EDWARDS, who are old settlers of Arcadia, Ohio.


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