C. PUGH, farmer, P.O. Ada, was born in Highland County, Ohio, October 28, 1832. He is a son of Eli F. and Mary (Fenner) Pugh, both natives of Virginia and of German descent. Eli Pugh came with his family to Ohio and settled, in 1828, in Highland County. In 1837, he moved to Liberty Township. He brought up a family of five children, four sons; and one daughter. All the former are farmers, three living in this township. The father of our subject died in 1878, but his mother is still living at the advanced age of eighty-two years. Our subject was brought up on the farm, on which he learned to work early in his youth, and has followed that occupation ever since. He bought the first ten-horse power threshing machine, sold by Mr. Pitt, and then went into debt for eighty acres of land, determined to make the machine pay for the land. He finally succeeded in his design, and he often relates the laughable incident that, at about the very day he accomplished his object, he left the machine in the field and he has never seen or heard of it since. Mr. Pugh is now a successful farmer, and owns 180 acres of land in this township. He was married, in 1860, to Huldah J. Runser, who was born in 1840, and is a daughter of Andrew and Isabella (McDowell) Runser. Her parents now reside in Marion Township. Four children have blessed this union-Frank C., Wilbur G., Idella B. and Hattie P. Mr. Pugh has been Township Trustee for three years, and a member of the School Board for sixteen years. Mr. Pugh does not belong to any political party but votes according to his idea of the best candidate, be he Democrat or Republican.


History of Hardin County, Warner Beers Co., 1883