Fred Eugene McCaskey, deceased, whose untimely death by drowning occurred Sept. 28, 1904, near Walbridge Park, was the son of the late Robert McCaskey, who, for many years prior to his death, May 2, 1898, was one of the most prominent and influential business men of Toledo. Fred E. McCaskey was born in Napoleon, Henry County, OHio, Sept. 16, 1871, and grew to manhood amid the surroundings of an ideal home. His early education was acquired in his native town of Napoleon, and at the age of fourteen, at which time the family removed to Toledo, the father having already engaged in many Toledo interests, he entered the city schools. He was graduated with the class of 1891, in the high school, and immediately entered his father's real-estate office to assist in carrying on the business. After spending some six months in a clerical capacity he was admitted as a partner, the name of the firm being Robert McCaskey & Son. Soon after entering his father's office he gained prominence among the business and professional men of the city by his integrity, ability and scrupulous honesty. During the many years in which he was connected with his father in business, all his energies were devoted to managing the numerous real-estate, insurance and loan branches, which he had helped to establish, in addition to which he served as manager in Toledo for the Waterville Cement Post & Stone Company. In his political affiliations, Mr. McCaskey was allied with the Republican party, but in local matters he never allowed his party fealty to influence his best judgement, exercising his right of franchise for what he considered the best interests of the community. Mr. McCaskey's death came suddenly and as a great shock to his family and many friends. While canoeing on the river on the evening of Sept. 28, 1904, he was suddenly thrown into the water and, before assistance could reach him, was drowned. The memory of the loved one is cherished by the fatherless children and the widowed mother as one of the treasures of their lives. He was a good father and husband, and gave much of his time and attention to his family, being of a home-loving disposition and caring little for lodges, clubs and social orders. On Feb. 15, 1893 Mr. McCaskey was united in marriage to Miss Marietta Allen, a sister of Theodore B., and Willard E. Allen of Toledo, and with his wife and two children, Robert Allen McCaskey and Ruth Allen McCaskey, he lived most happily at 2012 School place. The son is now a student in the public schools of Toledo, while the daughter is receiving her educational advantages at a private school in the city. Mrs. McCaskey's home was formerly at Erie, Mich., a short distance from Toledo. She is a prominent member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, her ancestors having taken a brilliant part in that great struggle for independence. The widow and two children are now residing in their new home, but recently completed, at 2252 Parkwood avenue, Toledo.


Submitted by Patricia Radabaugh