Hubert Howe Bancroft was born in Granville, May 5, 1832.  He entered the book-store of his brother-in-law at Buffalo, in 1848, and four years later removed to California and established a branch store.  While there he gathered an immense amount of valuable books and documents relating to the early history of the Pacific coast.  He also preserved much pioneer and other valuable historic matter, which was dictated to him or his assistants, by pioneers, settlers, and others.  His valuable library numbers nearly 50,000 volumes.  His business affairs were prosperous, and in 1868 he retired from the management of his business, and has since been engaged on a series of publications, embracing the history of the whole Pacific coast from Central America to Alaska.  This completed work will consist of thirty-nine volumes, about half of which have already been published.


Historical Collections of Ohio, Vol 2, by Henry Howe. (pub 1888)