Lester F. Donnell, treasurer and assistant manager of the B.P. Higby Company, which has in the City of Youngstown the authorized agency for the sale of the Ford automobiles, was born at Lincoln, Nebraska, on the 28th of May, 1892, and is a son of Edgar and Rose (Dickhover) Donnell, the father having died in the following year, 1893. The mother still resides in Omaha, Nebraska.

In the public schools of Omaha Lester Fred Donnell continued his studies until he had profited measurably by the advantages of the high school, which he left before graduation. At the age of fifteen years he took the position of office boy with the Nebraska Telephone Company, and later he became bookkeeper and billing clerk for the Paxton & Gallagher Company, one of the leading business concerns of Omaha. After remaining with this company nearly five years he took the position of bookkeeper in the offices of the Ford Motor Company branch agency at Omaha and his services were in time simplified to include his interposition as cashier, road representative and auditor of this branch agency. He finally was called to the home office of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan, and after one year of effective service as traveling auditor he became assistant manager of the Gordon Square Automobile Company, Ford dealers at Cleveland, Ohio. Seven months later he became supervising traveling auditor for the Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, and after retaining this position two years, he finally formed his present important alliance, which has involved his specialty constructive administration as treasurer and assistant manger of B.P. Higby company.

Mr. Donnell is known as a wide-awake and progressive young business man, and is an active member of the Youngstown Chamber of Commerce and the Exchange Club and also of the Mahoning Valley Country Club. In politics he classifies himself an independent republican, and he is a member of the Christian Science Church. In Detroit, Michigan, he retains his affiliation with the Blue Lodge and Chapter of York Rite Masonry, and at Youngstown he is a member of the Council of Royal and Select Masters and the Commandery of Knights Templars.


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