William Averill, farmer: P.O. Wittlesey; was born in Milford, Hillsboro Co., N.H., July 21, 1826, one of a family of seven children, six of whom grew to  maturity, viz.: Lucinda, Eben, Elijah, William and Andrew; of these, Elijah, William and Lucinda are living. All of the above were born to Elijah, Sr., and Amanda (Towne) Averill. The former was born Jan. 24, 1792; the latter May 20, 1797. He was the son of Elijah Averill, and a native of New Hampshire. The Averills are of English descent. The grandfather of William Averill was a "minute-man" in Revolutionary times, and his uncle Shubael was engaged in the war of 1812, and was afterward killed in the Florida war by the Indians; indeed, all the company were killed except the Lieutenant. In the fall of 1836, Elijah, Sr. walked out with knapsack on his back, to look for a home for himself and family; coming directly to this county he selected 50 acres and walked back; he returned with his family same year, being twenty-nine days on the road; came here and settled on the land William now owns, which was then unimproved; he built a frame house soon after his arrival, which was the first one built in the  neighborhood--the one William now occupies. Their outfit in coming was a two-horse team and a one-horse rig. One of these horses did the greater part of the logging which was done on the farm in cleaning it up. The first enterprise in the way of farming after their arrival, was the growth and cultivation of hops, which they carried on for about fifteen years, as they cleared the land. Elijah Averill was a man of few words; very few had as good control of their temper; he was a man of good mind and a great reader, and possessed of general information; he died in October, 1862; his wife survived him eight years; he was highly respected in the community.

April 20, 1871, William was married to Cornelia Blanchard, who was born in Guilford Township, Sept. 1, 1828, daughter of Ransil and Mary Ann (Gaylord) Blanchard. The former was from near Hartford, Conn., and was born Feb. 23, 1804;  he came West when of age and stopped at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, where he was married; he became foreman for Newberry, and assisted in building the first dam at Cuyahoga Falls; he was brick-mason by trade; after his removal from Cuyahoga Co., he went to Summit Co.; he next moved to Guilford as early as 1824 or 1826. To him were born ten children, five boys and five girls. The father died Oct. 29, 1880, and the mother Nov. 23, 1861. Lucinda, sister of William, was born Nov. 17, 1814, and resided with her brother. Mr. Averill is one of the few who still reside upon the same piece of land originally settled on by their ancestors; he is a member of Lodi Lodge, No. 137, A., F. & A.M., also of Medina Chapter R.A.M., No. 30. Mr. Averill has no children.


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