Moses A. Mihills, farmer and stockraiser; P.O. Lodi; is among the worthy young farmers and representative stockmen in this township; was born Sept. 29, 1846; a son of William L. and Caroline (Frost) Mihills; he was born in  Canada Nov. 15, 1816; son of Moses, to whom were born a family of ten children -- William L., Washington, Norris, Uriah, Darius, Sylvester, Charlotte, Mary E., Alice and Amanda.  To Aaron Frost were born Caroline, Harriet, Matilda, William, John; by Mr. Frost's second marriage were born Aaron, Rosetta, Charlotte, and Sarah.  William L., the father of our subject, came West in 1839; first located in Chatham, where he lived until 1847, when he purchased 50 acres in this township, where Moses now lives.  To him were born four children -- Merick A., now a manufacturer at Painesville; Merib A., in Ashtabula Co., the wife of William Main; Lee K., now in Osborne Co., Kan., and attorney at law. Moses A. was reared to farming, and has always remained on the farm.  Nov. 29, 1866, married Elizabeth Brinker, born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., Jan. 17, 1844; daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Poorman) Brinker; her father's name was Jacob Poorman, to whom were born Leonard, Jacob, Elizabeth, Catharine, Margaret and George.  To Jacob Brinker were born George, Catharine, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth R.,  Abram, Sarah C., John S.; all living but Abram and Sarah.   The family came West in 1856, locating in Chatham Township.  Jacob Brinker was killed in July, 1876, being 67 years old.  His wife now resides in Ashland Co. with her children. Since Mr. Mihills' marriage, he has been a resident of the farm; has 161 acres of land.  Since 1875, has been engaged in breeding and raising high-grade and thoroughbred short-horns and Berkshire swine.  His cattle are known as the Woodland herd, and he is doing what he can to encourage the introduction and growth of fine stock in his township and county.  Mr. Mihills' brother Merick was a Lieutenant in the 178th O.V.I., and served through the greater part of the war.  Mr. Mihills is enterprising, and deserving of success.  He has two children -- Ida M., born July 9, 1869, and Lyman U., born Sept. 13, 1872.   Mr. M. is a Republican and a worthy citizen of the township.


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