Alvah Young, farmer; P.O. Chatham Center. The above gentleman was born in Addison Co., Vt., March 23, 1802. His parents were James and Naomi (Clark) Young. James Young was born June 19, 1779; his father was a soldier in the war of the Revolution. To him were born William, Thomas, Samuel, Stephen, James and Lydia. To James were born Melissa, Heman and Alvah.

Naomi was a daughter of Michael Clark, to whom were born seven children, four sons and three daughters, who were Samuel, Joseph Thompson, Daniel and Sheldon; daughters were Naomi, Abigail and Lois.

James Young was a farmer, and was descended from Scotch ancestors. He died April 9, 1829; his wife survived him until April 9, 1861. Both were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Alvah was reared to farm labor, remaining at home until he attained his major years. Soon after was joined by marriage to Lucretia Thompson, of Vermont, daughter of James and Lucretia (Hatfield) Thompson. The marriage record bears date Nov. 24, 1824. In 1835, he emigrated West to this State, locating in Cuyahoga Co., where he remained until 1842. He made a purchase in the north part  of the township, where he now lives, of 60 1/2 acres, at $5 per acre. When he came in to build his cabin, a trail had to be cut into his present location, leaving his family at a house in Litchfield until he could build him a house for their reception; this cabin was covered with elm bark for a roof, under which he lived for several years. Arriving here in June, he succeeded in getting enough cleared to put in six acres of wheat that fall. Being a man of strong and vigorous constitution, and not afraid to labor, he soon had 100 acres cleared and paid for. Has now 140 acres under excellent improvements.

His wife died Sept. 16, 1863, leaving nine children; of those born are Horace, in Monroe Co., Mich.; Jane died in Avon; James in Lenawee Co., Mich; Delia, Mrs. James Flager, of Michigan; Mary, now Mrs. C. Moon, of Lorain Co.; Melissa, the wife of E. Moon, of Michigan; Clark D. and George, of this township; Laura L., of La Fayette Township, the wife of John Wideman.

Dec. 23, 1864, Mr. Young was married to Vesla Bicknell, who was born in Hoosac, N.Y., November, 1807, daughter of Elijah and Diana (Becker) Bicknell. He was born in New Hampshire; she in New York. To them was born a family of eight children--Cornelia, Nancy E., Vesla, Jane A., Becker, Hiram, Dora and Peter.


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