Joseph SCHNEIDER was born February 1823 in Alsace, Germany.  He married Leuvina/Ludwina SCHILLE.  Leuvina was born 1821, also in Alsace, Germany.   Joseph and his family immigrated to America abt 1857/58 and first settled in Montgomery County, Ohio.  By 1867, the family had settled permanently in Tippecanoe.  Joseph died 10 Nov 1893 and Leuvina died 15 Jan 1883, both in Tippecanoe.  Joseph and Leuvina are the parents of seven children.

Julius Warren, born 04 April 1856 in Germany, married Katharine BUBP.   They had six children, Albert, Eva, Charles, Emma, Luella, and Edna, and lived in Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio.

Leander, born 20 Dec 1858 in Dayton, was first married to Sophia BARIENBROCK.  They had on child, Clarence.  Leander was married second to Mary E. PEARSON.  Both families lived in Tippecanoe (Tipp City).

Nora, born abt. 1860 in Ohio.

Mary, born abt. 1861 in Ohio.

Emma, born 28 Feb 1862 in Ohio, married Charles L. HENN.  They had three children, Ruth, John, and Frank, and lived in the Tippecanoe area.

Anna, born 01 June 1863 in Montgomery County, Ohio, married Frank David CRITTON.  They had three children, Lavina, Bonnie, and Estella, and lived in Dayton.

Albert S., born 31 May 1867 in Tippecanoe, married Cordelia A. LEVY.   They lived in Tippecanoe.


Provided by Tina Hursh