Abraham or Abram Wood Sr. was a mid-19th Century farmer in Morgan County, Ohio.  Abraham Wood was born 14 April 1791 in Pennsylvania. Circa 1810 he married Jane and in a few years removed to Belmont County, Ohio where they settled until 1835 , when they settled in Union Township, Morgan County, Ohio.  Jane was born 16 July 1788 in Pennsylvania. Abraham and Jane were Quakers and were members in good standing of the Stillwater Monthly Meeting in Belmont County and of the Deerfield Monthly Meeting in Morgan County.  Abraham and Jane Wood raised their nine children in Belmont and Morgan Counties.

Their children were: (All born in Belmont County, Ohio except Lewis.)

1. Lewis , born 12 September 1811 in Pennsylvania, married Rhoda.  

2. James , born 10 January 1813; 

3. Phebe, born 11 December 1814, married George Lisle, M.D., in Belmont County, Ohio.

4.  Martha Jane, born 15 November 1816, married Ewers in Belmont County, Ohio; 

5.  Mary Ann, born 2 December 1820, married Joseph B. Thompson on 20 March 1842 in Morgan County, Ohio.  

6.  Abraham, born 6 February 1823, married  Amelia A. Harman, on 28 November 1850 in Powhattan, Belmont County, Ohio.  Abraham, Jr. Settled in Appanoose County, Iowa, circa 1856 and served in the Civil War with the 47th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry.  Abraham and Amelia's children were: Francis William, 4 February 1852, died young; Phoebe, 24 November 1853, married Lee; Martha Jane, 21 April 1855-22 October 1943, married Benjamin Ellis Veach; Mary Catherine (Kate), 21 April 1857-1945, married Thomas Wesley Oden; Lewis, 9 March 1859, married 1)Mary E., 2)Sarah (Osborn) Highbarger;  son, 21 April 1861; daughter, 23 March 1862; twins Amer, 4 May 1863-21 may 1863 and Amy 4 may 1863, married Richard O Wages.  Abraham Jr. died 9 September 1893 and Amelia A. (Harman) Wood died 14 September 1915.  Both are buried in Exline Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa.

7.  John, born 22 May 1825, married Thirza Mendenhall on 27 October 1846 in Morgan County, Ohio.

8.  Nathan, born 9 February 1827 married Susanna Townsend on 2 August 1853 in Morgan County.  

9.  Amer, born 1 July 1829, married Rhoda Greer on 26 September 1850 in Morgan County, Ohio.

Jane Wood died 17 September 1871 and Abraham Wood died circa 1877 in Union Township, Morgan County, Ohio.  To date their burial sites have not been located.


Submitted by Sondra Ann (Cool) Biddle