George Ackerly was born in Bavaria, December 27, 1821. When twenty-three years old he came to America and landed in New York, proceeded at once to Dayton, Ohio. He entered the Mexican war with the 1st Ohio Regiment, Colonel Weller, and started for Mexico on the 1st of July. Reaching New Orleans about the twelfth of the month, he went into Camp Jackson a few days, when crossing the Gulf he landed at Point Isabel. Crossing the Rio Grande the troops with which he was proceeded to Cerro, where they joined the main force of General Taylor. Moving on they went into camp at Monterey, but on the 21st of July left camp for Black Ford and saw the rout of the first Mexican force. About four months later they went to Buena Vista expecting an engagement, but found the city deserted and returned to Monterey. While driving a wagon train he was attacked by Mexicans and lost fifty-three wagons, the commandant being Major Joshua R. Giddings. After serving out his full enlistment, Mr. Ackerly was honorably discharged at New Orleans and given transportation to Dayton, Ohio. In November, 1848, he married Philakua Eicher, this being three days before he cast his first vote for Genl. Taylor. His first wife died, and after a period of three years he married her sister Barbara. They had six children. In 1856 Mr. Ackerly bought a farm in Shelby County and moved to it in 1858. Eight years later he moved to Sidney and bought the "Farmers’ Hotel," which he managed about nine years when he sold out and moved to his present home. Was engaged at merchant tailoring and clothing business about five years. He was a member of the city council three years, and at this time is an infirmary director of the county. When he came to this country he had no means but his energy, but by labor and persistence he has procured a competency of worldly goods.



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