George McDowell is superintendent of the Jackson Township Centralized School in Pickaway County. He is one of the able young men in the educational forces of the county that has made remarkable progress in consolidating its country schools and raising the general standards of educational work.

Mr. McDowell was born at Summit county, Ohio, October 17, 1897, son of J.W. McDowell. His father was a real estate broker. His grandfather, Luther McDowell, was a native of Wayne County, Ohio, and a relative of General McDowell.

Mr. George McDowell was educated in Summit County, attending high school there, and graduated from Muskingum College at New Concord, Ohio, in 1920. Soon after graduating he came to Pickaway county as principal of the high school in Jackson Township and in 1923 was made superintendent.

This was the first centralized school in Pickaway County, organized in 1911. There is an eight room school building, and the teaching staff at present comprises twelve teachers. There are two full time and two part time high school teachers. In the grades the enrollment is 225, with fifty in high school.

Mr. McDowell married a classmate of Muskingum College, Miss Pauline Finch of Carmi, Illinois. She is a graduate of the department of oratory of Muskingum College.



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