Hugh Russell and wife Ann Webb Russell married in Hagerstown, Md. and migrated to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio by l820 where they lived in Sandy Township. Hugh died May 4, l825 and is buried in Sandyville Cemetery. They had just completed building their house when he died. Ann never remarried but tended the home and the four children that lived to adulthood. Ann died in l847 and is buried beside her husband. Children who lived to marry and have families were Hugh, Jr, Pointon, John and Isaac Russell.

Hugh, Jr. married three times, Catherine Shaffer, Hannah, Sowders, and Sarah Jane Mc Murray. Children by Catherine were William H.who married Frances Frelich; Rebecca who married David Cribbs; Malissa who died age five, and Nathaniel who married Anna Marie Sternberger. By Hannah he had Margaret A. and Harriet. By wife Sarah Jane, he had Carrie Webb Russell.

Pointon Russell was born in Md in l8l4 and died l89l in Coffey Co., Ks. Pointon married Elizabeth Steel Smith in Stark Co.,in l842. They had Martin L. who married Maggie Crawford in Ohio; Anna Russell who married A. Caleb jones in 1865 Tuscarawas, and Catherine Russell. Pointon, wife and children left Ohio to meet with his brother John Russell in Iowa who was going to Kansas. Elizabeth became ill, and died enroute to Iowa. Pointon returned to Tuscarawas and left the two young girls with his brother, Hugh and family. The 1860 and 1870 census includes these along with his own family. Martin and Pointon, John and his wife continue the trip to Kansas arriving there by the spring of l857. The girls remained in Ohio with Hugh until about l874 when Martin returned to Tuscarawas for his siblings. By then Anna had married and had a family. Martin returned to Kansas with his sister, Catherine Russell who married John H. Cayot in 1875. Margaret and Carried Webb Russell, daus. of Hugh Russell,Jr. also accompanied them on the journey.

Margaret never married; and Carrie married Dan Simmons of Burlington, Coffey Co.,Ks. Martin returned again to Ohio where he married Maggie Crawford in 1877. Pointon died in 1891 in Coffey Co., Ks.

Hugh Russell, Jr. left a will, naming Nathaniel as the executor, Aunt Charlotte Kelly and her two children, his children, including Carrie, Margaret, Cribbs children, and Harriet should she regain her sanity, she is to inherit her share. He death occuried 11 June 1886 and he is buried between wives Hannah and Catherine as per his will instructions. This would be Lower Sandyville Cemetery, and also where his parents are buried.

John Russell born in 1821 in Tuscarawas, Ohio attended what school was available at that time period. He was sent to Oberline College, located in Oberlin, Ohio to obtain more schooling. He attended 1843 to 1846, when he came down with a fever and had to return home. Finally in 1852, he returned to college and in 1854 obtained a teaching degree except for languages. He was also enrolled during 1854 1nd 1855. By 1855, he was teaching in Grundy Co., Iowa where he met and married Mary Palmer Strang who had migrated with her parents and siblings from Erie Co., N. Y. John and Mary married in 1856 in Grundy Co., Iowa and in 1857 joined Martin and Pointon on the trip to Kansas. John and Pointon both purchased land in Avon Township in Coffey Co., Ks. and returned to farming. John and Mary had nine children but only three reached adulthood. Mary's Strang family history is recorded in a diary which she began in the l850's and ended before they left N. Y. for Iowa. John Russell wrote his biography of his life in Tuscarawas and the trip to Kansas. He described building a house and furniture for their new home. When his health failed in the late l890's, the family left Kansas for Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. Their youngest child was born in Colo. in l897. By l900 the family is back in Coffey Co. Prior to his death he had dau. Ellen Russell help him finish the bio. Son Edwin also kept records and a diary of his trip from Ks to Texas and La and then back to Texas where he made his home until his death.

Documentations are census for Washington Co., Md.,Tuscarwas Co., Ohio, and Coffey Co., Ks. Cemetery records for Tuscarwas and Coffey Co., Ks. Marriage records, biographies, and the diary of Mary Palmer Strang. Letters from Oberlin College and copy of his degree. DAR records for the Strang family. Will of Margaret Webb and Hugh Russell, Will of John Russell and obits for the Kansas Russells families. Tuscarwas land record, Ks. land records.


Submitted by Dee Bouse