One of the oldest and best known ministers and school men in southern Ohio is Charles Boardman Taylor.

He has some notable ancestors. His great-grandfather, Eliphalet Taylor, was a private in the Revolutionary army. His grandfather, Theodore Taylor, volunteered in 1799 and joined the army collected under the venerable Washington for the defense of this country in the threatened war with France. Doctor Taylor himself and his father, Rev. Warren Taylor, were both members of Ohio regiments in the Civil war. Thus few families have a record of more service in the wars of the nation. Doctor Taylor's father was a member of Company E of the 140th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and served a hundred days and received an honorable discharge. In 1862 Charles B. Taylor enlisted in Company G of the Eighty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and in 1863 was transferred to the First Ohio Heavy Artillery. His service as a soldier continued from 1862 until after the close of the war in 1865. Most of his service was in the mountain regions of West Virginia, East Tennessee, and East Kentucky, in the zone between the major operations of the contending armies of the East and West. Doctor Taylor is now a member of Sergeant Reed Post No. 253 of the Grand Army of the Republic, and is chaplain of the Post.

Charles Boardman Taylor was born February 6, 1846, a son of Reverend Warren and Margaret (Walton) Taylor. Forty-six years ago he was ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian church. Since then he has preached in Vinton and Athens counties, Ohio, and for upwards of half a century his work has been either as a minister or as a practical educator. For two years he spent most of his time preaching to deaf mutes throughout the state. As a churchman Doctor Taylor has officiated at 280 weddings, about 1,300 funerals and has received into his church 640 persons. It is said that he has married and buried more people in Vinton County than any other minister. He founded and built the church at Guysville in Athens County, and assisted Rev. J. P. A. Dickey in reorganizing the church at McArthur twenty-five years ago, and since March 1, 1895, his home and work have been identified with this town of Vinton County. He has also filled pastorates at Deerfield, Guysville, Brownsville, Wilkesville and McArthur, filling the same pastorate at Wilkesville which had been honored by his father before him. Doctor Taylor's son, Warren L., has also preached in Wilkesville, so that members of three successive generations have filled that pulpit.

He is president of the Vinton County Civic League, which is a local supplement to the Ohio anti-saloon organization. He also served eight years as a member of the Board of School Examiners of Vinton County, but retired from that office in 1907.

Doctor Taylor is the author of two school books: Lessons in Psychology and Lessons in Law. His name also appears as the author of two historical works: Wilkesville and Salem, and The Presbytery of Athens.

By ancestry he is of old New England stock. His father, Rev. Warren Taylor, was born in New Hampshire October 6. 1814. The grandfather, Theodore Taylor, was a native of Rhode Island, but lived for many years in New Hampshire, and finally came out to Michigan, where he died at the age of sixty-three. Warren Taylor grew up and was educated in the East, attended the Union College at Schenectady, New York, and later became a prominent educator and Presbyterian minister. He was ordained at Warren in Trumbull County, Ohio, in 1844, and as a preacher and teacher he spent an active career of forty -six years. He died in Ross County, Ohio, April 21, 1890. It was while filling the pastorate at Wilkesville in Vinton County that he established a private school known as the Wilkesville Normal Academy. He was prominently known and esteemed over several counties of Ohio. Rev. Warren Taylor was married April 24. 1840, at Freehold, New Jersey, to Miss Margaret Walton. She was born and reared in New Jersey and she died in the arms of her son, Doctor Taylor, at his home May 6, 1892. She was born in 1820, and throughout her life was a devout Presbyterian. She became the mother of four sons. One of these, Rev. V. E. Taylor, who died at the home of his brother, Dr. Charles B., in 1912, was for thirty-four years an active minister of the Presbyterian Church and never married. Rev. Park W. Taylor, another brother, is now a home missionary and serving in a jurisdiction on the west side of the Appalachian range of mountains in Tennessee, and is also unmarried. B. G. Taylor, the other brother, is a carpenter by trade, lives in Dayton. Ohio, and is married and has a family of children.

At Wilkesville. Ohio, February 15, 1866, Dr. Charles B. Taylor married Miss Bettie Ruth Davis. She was born near Wilkesville, but in Meigs County, Ohio, January 28, 1848. She was a student with her husband under the direction of Rev. Warren Taylor. Her grandfather, John Davis, came from Eastern New York, and was a pioneer in the Wilkesville community of Ohio, having located there in 1818. and the land which he acquired from the Government and which was improved by his labors is still in the family, being owned by a great-grandson, John Williams. .Mrs. Taylor's father. Erastus Davis, was born in New York in 1815. and was two and a half years of age when the family located in Vinton County. He grew to manhood in that locality, and subsequently became a flour and sawmill man. He married Phoebe B. Brown of the old Brown family of Amesville, Ohio. They lived happily together for more than forty years, and were active members of the Presbyterian Church at Wilkesville.

To Dr. and Mrs. Taylor have been born the following children: Phebe, wife of H. M. Lee of Bailey. Michigan, owner of a fine mill at that town, and they have five sons and one daughter, one son being in the United States Army, and one in the United States Navy; Cornelia V. is a missionary worker, and for the past three years has been located at Beaumont, Texas: Margaret W. is the wife of John McGathey. who is connected with the National Cash Register Company at Dayton. Ohio: Rev. Warren Lincoln Taylor is a Presbyterian home missionary and his work is on the cast side of the Appalachian Mountains at Eskota, North Carolina, and is married and has one daughter; Adaline is the wife of Albert G. Poston, and they live at Pliny, West Virginia, and have a family of several children; Eunice L. is supervisor of primary teaching at Rio Grande College, Ohio; Rev. Arthur Hamilton Taylor is now finishing his course in the Lane Seminary at Cincinnati; Esther M. is a teacher in the public schools of Covington, Kentucky, where she has been located for the past three years; E. Scott, the youngest, is making his home at Mc Arthur, where he is connected with a feed store, and he married Miss Norma Trainer of McArthur.


From "A Standing History of the Hanging Rock Iron Region of Ohio" by Eugene B. Willard, Daniel W. Williams, George O. Newman and Charles B. Taylor.  Published by Lewis Publishing Company, 1916