Among the influential and representative agriculturists of Bloom township, this gentleman occupies an honorable position. Almost his entire life has been passed upon his present farm, where he was born June 11, 1851. His father, Martin Barnhisel, came to this county from Mahoning county, Ohio, buying eighty acres of land in Section 21, Bloom township--sixty acres of which are still in the possession of our subject. He was a small, delicate man, and on his death was buried in Bloom Chapel cemetery. In the family were three children: Sarah, who became the wife of Henry Jacobs, and died on the home farm; Lottie, who is now Mrs. Louis Mominee, of Lucas county, Ohio; and Philip. The mother later became the wife of John Slatterbeck, who is now deceased, and she makes her home near Toldedo, Ohio.

Philip Barnhisel acquired his early education in the Bloom Center schools, taught by a Mr. Trumbull; but when about nine years of age he was compelled to start out to make his own livelihood, and with his first money purchased a pair of red top-boots, which he thought was all that was lacking to make him a man. For some years he worked for others, and, when about eighteen, went to Whiteside county, Ill., remaining there some eighteen months. He began farming for himself upon the old homestead, and, before his marriage, his sister Lottie was his housekeeper.

In Bloom township, on January 7, 1875, Mr. Barnhisel married Miss Diana Baker, who was born in Marion township, Hancock Co., Ohio, February 16, 1852, and is a daughter of Jacob and Susanna (Bright) Baker, the former a native of Westmoreland county, Penn. They have become the parents of seven children: Claren, who was born July 25, 1876, and is a teacher by profession; Ella M., who was born July 28, 1879, and died July 23, 1881; William S., who was born August 27, 1881; Olive B., who was born September 29, 1883; Nettie, who was born October 1, 1885; Florence, who was born May 30, 1889, died August 7, following; and Bessie, who was born May 30, 1891, and died April 30, 1893.

At one time Mr. Barnhisel sold his interest in the homestead, but later purchased the farm from other heirs. The farm buildings are neat and substantial, and everything about the premises is creditable to the taste and industry of the proprietor. His labors have been crowned with success, and he is deserving of the highest praise, for all has been attained through his own industrious and well-directed efforts. He is upright and honorable in all things, never stooping to anything low or mean to gain a point or secure money. He takes an active interest in political affairs, generally voting the Republican ticket, though not strictly partisan, preferring to cast his ballot for the man whom he thinks best qualified to fill the position, and has served as a director in School District No. 5, Bloom township. Since the age of eighteen, Mr. Barnhisel has been a devoted member of the Church of Christ.



Commemorative Historical and Biographical Record of Wood County, Ohio, Its Past and Present.  Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co., 1897