Orville Gilbert Brim was born , August 18, 1883, in Latcha, Wood County, Ohio. His parents were Gilbert Birchall Brim and Elizabeth Hahn. His birth place of Latcha, Ohio is a small rural community which is southwest of Toledo, Ohio, About twenty miles, as the crow flies.. He was the fourth child born to his parents with siblings being, George, Clara, Otto, James and Edna.

He was educated at Tri-State University in Indiana, and Valparaiso University. He taught in a one room school house for two years before attending Valparaiaso where he earned his Bachelors degree in Education. He taught in Ohio schools. In the early twenties he became principal of Byrne High School, in Byrne, Indiana. He mentioned that was the first high school he was ever in.

He did graduate study in Harvard and Columbia University. Married Helen Whittier of Elmira, New York, in June of 1912. Continued his career as a pioneer in rural education and teacher training at Hattiesburg State Normal College (now Mississippi Southern University) and later at Winthrop College in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

In 1918, following the entry of the United States into World War I, he joined the YMCA Service in the Supplies Corps and served overseas in France and Italy.

In 1919, after completion of his PHD at Columbia, he joined the faculty at Cornell, then spent a brief summer at the University of Michigan before settling at Ohio State University, where he taught Philosophy of Education for 18 years.

In 1941, he retired to Lakeville, Connecticut farm home where he and Helen together created a place of beauty. A haven for family and friends, far and near. Though Helen died in 1975, the Lakeville home continued to be the family center with his loved presence to be welcome there.

He was a family man. The father of three daughters and two sons; beloved also by seventeen grandchildren, twenty-eight great grand-children and five great great grandchildren.

He was a farmer, gardener, seeker, teacher, counselor and friend. Scholar and author-genealogist and patriarch-world traveler who loved best his own hearthside, and view of fields and hills from his easy chair. He passed through the veil at 103 years of age. His body rests under the "Family Tree", a River Beech tree, planted on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, along side his wife, Helen.  


Submitted by Patrick McVicker