Ohio Biographies

Moses Greenberg

For many years the United States and its business opportunities have been exploited in other lands, and to this country's shores have come people of every land to take advantage of these. A welcome has been extended to all, and many of the prosperous citizens of our most thriving communities are those of foreign birth. A native of Russia, R. Greenberg came to America in young manhood, and after some experience in various other sections, finally settled permanently at Ironton, Ohio, where he has since developed an excellent business and has taken his place among the men who are maintaining the city's prestige in commercial circles.

Mr. Greenberg was born in Russia, January 20, 1866, and is a son of Joseph Greenberg, who was born in that country in 1803. The father was a teacher by vocation, and never came to the Unted States, dying in his native land in 1896. Mr. Greenberg never knew a mother's care, for she died when he was an infant, he being the youngest of a family of five children. He was educated in Russia, largely under his father's preceptorship until thirteen years of age, and at that time began to share responsibilities with his brothers and sisters in the support of the family. When nineteen years old he went to Turkey, which country he made his home until coming to America in 1888. For one year after his arrival he resided at Cincinnati, Ohio, and then went to Indian Territory, where he established himself in the general merchandise business and remained until 1896, meeting with a fair measure of success. In that year he returned to Cincinnati, but in 1899 came to Ironton, where he engaged in the scrap iron and second-hand business, in which he has continued to the present time. This venture, commenced in a modest way, steadily grew under Mr. Greenberg's native industry and business ability, and is now one of the thriving enterprises of Ironton. He deals in wholesale hides, wools, scrap iron, metals, furs, roots, ginseng, beeswax, rubber and second-hand machinery, and is the owner of his own business property on North Second Street, in addition to a comfortable, modern residence at No. 208 South Fifth Street. Mr. Greenberg is a stockholder in the Home Telephone Company and a director in the Ironton Malleable Iron Works. He holds membership in the Chamber of Commerce. His religion is that of the Jewish faith, and his political belief that of the republican party, although political matters have played little part in his life here. His success is well merited and has been gained through constant and sturdy application, good business ability and honorable dealing with those who have been associated with him in transactions.

Mr. Greenberg was married June 30, 1890, to Miss Rosie Lapin, at that time a resident of Covington, Kentucky, but a native of Germany. They have had one child, who died in infancy.


From "A Standing History of the Hanging Rock Iron Region of Ohio" by Eugene B. Willard, Daniel W. Williams, George O. Newman and Charles B. Taylor.  Published by Lewis Publishing Company, 1916