Ohio Biographies

Emerson Bemiller

Emerson Bemiller, who follows farming in Worthington township, was born in February 5, 1870, in the same locality where he now makes his home and is one of fourteen children whose parents were Valentine and Mary (Garber) Bemiller. The father was in Germany in 1825 and when but four years of age was brought to the United States by his parents, Phillip and Catherine Bemiller the family home being established in Worthington township, Richland Co, Ohio, where the grandfather of our subject entered land from the government. Not a furrow had been turned nor an improvement made upon the place at that time. As Valentine Bemiller advanced in years and Strength he aided more and more largely in the work of the farm and throughout his entire life he carried on general agricultural pursuits, displaying such sound judgment and unfaltering diligence that he thereby won a gratifying measure of success. He accumulated much land his judicious investments made him a prosperous resident of the community. He always took a very active part in politics as a stalwart supporter of the democratic party,yet the honors and emoluments of office had no attractions for him. In early manhood he married Miss Mary Garber, who was born in Worthington township 1827 and is still living on the home farm. Mr. Bemiller, however, passed away in 1899 and eight of their children are now deceased. The six still living are: Daniel, William, and Rueben all residents of Worthington township; Mrs. Amanda Crunkleton, living in Knox Co. Ohio; Mrs. Mary Clever, of Toledo, Ohio and Emerson. The home farm was the playground of Emerson Bemiller in his youth and also the training school in which he gained familiarity with the business that he has made his life work. His intellectual training was received in the common schools near his father's home and also by six months' study at Butler, Ohio. In early youth he began working on his father's farm and afterward engaged in teaching school for two terms, but at the time of his marriage turned his attention to general agricultural pursuits, locating on a rented farm until he was able to purchase property. In 1896 with the capital he had acquired from his economy and industry he bought one hundred and forty four acres and ten years later,in 1906, he purchased ninety-nine acres more. He has since sold a portion of his farm, but still retains the ownership of two hundred and two acres, which constitute one of the best improved properties in this part of the state. Few men of his years have been more successful in agricultural lines and he certainly deserves much credit for for what he has accomplished. On the 11th of November, 1893, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Bemiller and Miss Alberta Wilson, who was born in Worthington township in1870. She was a daughter of Erastus and Sarah (Calhoun) Wilson and passes away February 28, 1903. There were five children by that marriage, of whom four are now living: Mabel, Pearl, Gladys, and Grace. For his second wife Mr. Bemiller chose Miss Lizze Palmer, who was born in Ashland Co., Ohio, whom he wedded in 1904. They now have two sons, Charley and Brice. The parents hold membership in the Baptist church and Mr. Bemiller gives his political allegiance to the democracy. No inheritance or influential friends aided him at the outset of his career. On the contrary, he placed his sole dependence upon unfaltering energy, recognizing the fact that "there is no royal road to wealth." Gradually he is working his way upward and is today the owner of a valuable property which is bringing him a substantial annual income as the reward of his persistent labor.